• Cala's Kitchen & Catering

    6888 Erie Rd
    Derby, NY 14047


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    Phone: (716) 947-5211

    Mon: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Tue: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Wed: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Thu: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Fri: 7:00AM-8:30PM
    Sat: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Sun: 7:00AM-2:30PM
    Opening for dinner soon!

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Thank you for visiting the website of Cala's Kitchen & Catering. Our family dining establishment is a hit with residents of Derby, NY and the surrounding area. Come to our local restaurant to enjoy American-style cuisine, craft beer and decadent desserts.

To place a takeout order or schedule catering, call 716-947-5211.

We're also a full-service catering company. If you're interested in our on-site or in-house catering services, give us a call!

You can also use the form on this page to send us a message.

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